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Season Finales / Series Finales

The time is swiftly coming upon us when our favorite shows go away for the summer and we can resume our lives again :)

What Season / Series finale are you most looking forward too?

Personally, I am a HUGE fan of Everwood. And with the CW still on the fence, I am getting a bit worried about its future. I hear the writers made 2 finales, a season and series. So I am hoping we see the season one, or I will be forced to wear black for the summer in mourning.

Also, Lost. 'Nuff said really. Hopefully it is worth it. It has been a long season, and hopefully next year they start the season later, so there isn't so many blocks of repeats (or they just repeat the season to date during the repeat months).

Prison Break - yeah... i am pretty hooked... want to see how they pull this off, but more importantly, how will they pull of the next season.

7th Heaven - YES. I admit I watch this soapy, poorly-acted, morally-in-your-face, piece of crap family show. And I like it. Kind of. I need to see how they will say good-bye to my Camden crew.

How bout you all?
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